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How to make South indian omapodi snack recipe | Cook | prepare | Ingredients

South indian omapodi snack recipe

Ingredients for South indian omapodi snack recipe

Urad dhall ½ cup, Chana dhall 3/4 cup, Toor dhall 1/4 cup, Green chilli paste, Rice 1/2cup, Green gram dhall ½ cup, Omam powdered ½ cup
Salt to taste, Oil to deep fry


Preparation of South indian omapodi snack recipe

1. Powder all the dhalls and rice raw in a mixer finely
2. Shift the flour
3. To the flour add salt and powdered omam
4. Mix the chilli paste in water and filter it on the flour
5. Add luke warm water to the flour and make into a dough
6. Heat oil in a kadhai and squeeze the dough with the help of omampodi maker and deep fry

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