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How to Prepare Bengali chicken chaap recipes | Dahi chicken chaap

Bengali Dahi | Curd chicken chaap


chicken chaap is a traditional chicken recipe. The recipe combines the sourness of curd with chicken.


Ingredients for Dahi chicken chaap


1. Chicken 1kg

2. Onions 7-8

3. Garlic cloves 10-12

4. Curd 2 cup

5. Nut meg ½ tsp

6. Garam masala 1 tsp

7. Coconut powder 2 tsp

8. Saffron 1-2 pinch

9. Oil 3-4 tsp

How to Prepare Dahi chicken chaap

1.    In a bowl mix all the ingredients together except oil


2.    Marinate the pieces for about half an hour


3.    Heat oil in a pan and to it add the marinated chicken pieces and add a cup of water and cook on a medium flame for about 20-30 mins on a medium flame


4.    When the pieces are cooked and the water drains out completely remove from flame and serve it

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