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How to cook Indian chat | Gujarati style khasta kachori Recipes | make | prepare | Ingredients

Indian chat | Gujarati style khasta kachori Recipes

Khasta kachori is a greaty varity of India's favorite chat item kachori.This dish is truly delicious and mouth watering.


Ingredients for Indian chat | gujarati style khasta kachori Recipes

 Refined flour 2 cups     
 Salt to taste     
 Sodabicarbonate 1/2tsp     
 Oil 5 tsp     
 For filling     
 Black gram split1/2 cup     
 Ginger 1small piece     
 Green chilli 1     
 Raisins 12     
 Ghee 3 tbsp     
 Asafoetida q pinch     
 Coriander powder 1 tsp     
 Cumin powder 1/2tsp     
 Red chilli powder 1 tsp     
 Fennel powder 1/4tsp     
 Sugar 1/2tsp     
 Salt to taste     
 Lemon juice 1 tsp     
 Oil to deep fry     

 Preparation of Indian chat | gujarati style khasta kachori Recipes

 1. Sift flour, salt and soda bicarbonate together add oil and make it into a dough using sufficient water. Cover with a moist cloth and keep aside

 2. Wash urad dhall and soak it in two cups of water for an hour. Drain and coarsely grind it.using a little Water.     

 3. Peel and wash and finely chop ginger chop green chilli and cashews wash raisins and pat dry.     

 4.heat ghee in a kadhai and add ground dal,ginger,green chilli,asafoetida,coriander powder,cumin  Powder,red chilli   

powder,fennelpowder,cashews and raisins. Cook till all the moisture dry up     

 5. Add sugar, salt and lemon juice. Mix well and remove from heat and allow it to cool. Divide the dough and the mixture into equal portions     
 6. Roll the dough into small puris so that they are thinner at the edges and thicker at the centre     

 7. Place a portion of the stuff in the centre and bring the edges together to the shape of a ball and  flatten it lightl8. Heat sufficient oil in a kadhai and deep fry kachoris on low heat till it turn golden  brown and crisp     

 8. Hot kachoris are ready to eat     

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