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Mango Juice Syrup Cooking Recipe |Indian Mango Juice Recipe Cooking | make | ingredieints

Indian Mango Juice syrup Recipe

Description for Indian Mango Juice syrup

Mango syrup is an Indian syrup syrup ingredients can be easily syrup recipe can be prepared in a short time and can be served really fast.Mango syrup recipe is ideal in hot climate and noon.

Ingredients for preparing Indian Mango Juice syrup

Half ripe and hard mango slices ½ kg
sugar 3 cups
water 1-2 cups
lemon 1

How to prepare Indian Mango Juice syrup

1.add mango slices, water and cook until it gets tender and then remove from fire.
2. filter it through a gravy strainer and to the mango pulp add sugar, lemon juice and cook on a hot fire stirring constantly until the jelly sets when tested.
3. allow it to cool and store in sterilized jars and whenever required dilute it and serve as cool drinks.

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