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Home Remedies for Burping | Easy Cures for Bleching

Home Remedies for Burping | Bleching

Burping or Bleching is the situation where the person is expelling air through mouth ( vomiting air ).The sitation arises of the excess of bodly air secreated in the gasto intestinal tract because of dietary and habitual problems.

Burping is the natural body method of expelling excess body air accumualted in the stomach. The stomach is considered to consist of 1 ounce of gas and in some cases this might grow up upto 10 ounces and this needs to be expelled.

So controlling the build up of gastric gas is the best remedy for gas bloating.

Control your Eating Habits:

Your eating habits can easily contribute towards your burping.If you are frequently swallowing your food you are taking a quality amount of air along with it..This could progressively lead to stomach gas.

Foods that Bloats

These foods are mostly known for bloating stomach.Avoid or definetly control these food items to have a healthy body.

* Avoid Carbonated Drinks
* Eat slowly and chew your food completely
* Eat with your mouth closed
* Avoid Chewing gum
* Avoid food with high air content such as beer, ice cream, souffles,omnlets,whipped Ice creams

Serious Bleching?

If you are developing into a chronic blecher then use medicines containing antacid. Also avoid food that contains margarine, sour cream,salad oil etc..

Packed Food:

Packed Food is a frequent cause of stomach gas.These preserved food items have been devoid of many essential body minerals and protiens for normal digestion.So these stay on the digestive tract and cause bloating.

Bloating is a problems that seriously affect your social equitte in the society.Following these remedies will solve this problem to  great limit.

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Sure Natural Home Remedies for stomach Discomfort | Stomach Bloating

Home Remedies for Stomach Discomfort

Stomach discomfort or bloating occurs as a result of indigestion or as a result of food that produces excess of gas. Stomach discomfort which is extremely irritating, is usually caused by bad eating habits and improper timings of eating. This may caused due to excess masala and spicy food intake which produces gastric trouble and is difficult to digest.

Home Remedies for stomach Bloating

1. Add a medium-sized ginger in a glass of hot milk. The filter the residue out from the milk and drink. Ginger has great medicinal properties that helps you fight indigestion.

2. Add a piece of ginger in half a glass of lime water and drink. This is extremely helpful in digestion.

3. Keep the cooking space and surrounding always hygienic and healthy. Always make sure that water is boiled 100 degree celsius for 15 min to kill contagious disease germs.

4. Put a teaspoon of carom in a glass of water. Leave it closed with a lid for 2 days. After that filter the cardamom and drink this water.

5. It is a proven fact that milk stimulates the production of stomach gas. Milk effectively quenches the stomach pain for a while but it redundant after a while.

6. Take moderate amount of food up to six times a day than the usual 3 times.

7. Physical exercises effectively lets out the gastric gas from your stomach. This creates a harmony in your body.

8. Identify the food that bothers your stomach. These varies from person to person. It may be oily food in one case while it may excess cheese in another...

Bloating stomach must be given due care as it leads to intestinal problems later. It is essentially a life style disease as the products is gas problem will lead to further problems in the future..

Amoebiasis Home Relief Cures | Amoebiasis Alternative Remedies

Fast Relief Home Remedies for Amoebiasis

Amoebiasis is characterized by frequent bowel movements which is caused due to bacterial or amoeba infection in the intestine.

Characteristic Symptoms

1. Semisolid stools containing mucous and blood in some cases. This has to be given great care and taken to the doctor immediately.
2. Amoebiasis is characterized by pain or recurring diarrhea in the abdomen. It's generally characterized by frequent diarrhea and hand to hand constipation.
3. The causing organism can be found in the fresh stool and this could even from medium for spreading if not properly disposed. 


The 4 types are:

1. Fire humor problem - This distortion is caused due to the pitta or digestive and excretory system problems.
2. Pitta disorder - Pitta disease is caused due to Blood flow disorders. This will create more dullness and increase in argumentative tempore and general emotional imbalance.
3. Phlegm Body Humor vitiation - This is caused due to the irregularities in body fluid supply or loss of water in the body.
4. Air body humor - This could be translated as caused due to the dosha or irregularities in the air cavity.

Amoebiasis Relief | Cures at Home


1. Dried power of bilgri is mixed with honey is to be taken twice a day. Take approximately 1tbsp of dried bilgiri for the best results.

2. A combination mix of approx ½ gm powdered nutmeg in buttermilk has to taken twice a day.

3. Fresh Juice extracted from young neem leaves and flowers serves as a perfect remedy for amebosis. This hs to taken twice a day till the cure.

4. A fruit of bael has to mixed with jaggery to form a pul like material. This remedy is found to great benificial effects.

5. Take the pulp fo the fruit of bael mixed with some jaggery.

6. Lemon Juice on an empty stomach is good to increase the fighting qualty agianst amebeosis.

7. A mix of isabgol powder and yougurt, cumin seeds serves is an excellent ayurvedic cure for ambeosis. This recipe serves excellently 2 to 3 times a day.

8. Acute Ayurvedic Amoebiasis Remedy - Here roast the unripe furity of bael and mix it with dried ginger powder. This has to taken with buttermilk 2 or 3 times a week.

9. Take jamun preparations or eat the fruit during the season.

10. Isbgol is found to be an excellent remedy for constipation. This could be taken for acute ambeosis. This holds together the stool and facilitate for the smooth passage of stool.

11. Fried Mango tree flowers is an excellent remedy for amebeosis.


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