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Home » Beauty » Dry Skin » Home Remedy for Black Marks on Face | Natural Remedies for Face Marks

Home Remedy for Black Marks on Face | Natural Remedies for Face Marks

Home remedy for Black Marks on Face | Natural remedy

Black marks is refers to the dark points or rashes that is leftover the skin due to pimples or acne. The black marks is caused due to dead cells occupying that area of skin. This area of the skin gradually becomes dark due to the presence of dead cells.


Home Remedies for Black marks in Face


The very best for Black rashes are found right in the kitchen and have to be applied over a period of time.


Method 1: Applying fruit or vegatable essence over the affected area. Vitamin C have a natural cleanising ability over the skin. It removes the dead cells and help the skin to regain its orginal shine and appearence.


Method 2: Lactic acid - Milk products especially sore milk great source to supply the body with the essential conditioning vitamins. This have ability to gradually make the dark marks disspear from the skin.


Method 3: Ground a few almonds and make it into a paste form mixing with water. This is excellent for face marks.


Method 4: Mash Potatoes and extract the juice. Apply this over the affected area. This is smoothens the black marks considerably.


Method 5: Apply lemon juice with the help of cotton balls over the affected area.This helps to get rid of the scars.


Method 6: Apply pinepapple juice over your face and wash it off after a few minutes to get rid of the dead cells. It is also great for growing up new cells.


Method 7: Stay out of the sun as far as possible. The UV lights will damage further your already vulnerable cells.

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-1 #3 zahoorbacha 2013-02-11 10:39
my dear muslim just pray five time and say darood e shareef adn say allahoo akbar
0 #2 zahoorbacha 2013-02-11 10:37
my dear muslim plz just offer the prayer five time and say darud e shareef 3 time and say allaho akbar
-1 #1 mildred 2012-11-07 11:10
[google]if i used lemon,can i conserved this for a days?instead of making and squeezing everyday?[/google]
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